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The NFT Infinity Interactive Artworks inhabit the Ethereum Blockchain [Ethereum Blockchain] and you can view them on the OpenSea platform. They are made up of original works, by different artists, made or digitally processed in symmetrical figures that can be combined with each other, offering infinite uses and compositional possibilities. To enjoy both in virtual digital environments and in traditional physical environments.

A different collection of modular crypto art

Each NFT is unique and is accompanied by extra content in high resolution with the exact measurements that the owner will receive to be able to enjoy the work both in physical and digital environments, and can also combine the pieces with other works of art, from different artists, from the NFT Infinity Crypto Art collections. The possibilities of use and composition offered by this collection are endless. Interactive Living Art. A new way to collect crypto art.

The conceptual and differentiating philosophy of NFT Infinity Art collections is based on the singular and unique format of the pieces, and on the synergy of the collectors with the works of the artists, since it allows them to interact with them and merge works by different artists, thus creating modular compositions and ad hoc abstractions, without limits, and infinitely. A two-way artistic path, a new way of living crypto art with a thousand inspiring infinities.

The complete catalog of NFT Infinity Crypto Art works is hosted on OpenSea, and is made up of pieces made by a selection of renowned artists, which gives the project not only a component of exclusivity and originality, but also a high level of rigor and quality.

Collection Types:

NFT collections of unique works [1/1]. They are collections of original, unique, and unpublished pieces.

NFT collections of serial and numbered works. They are limited editions of digitized reproductions of original works cataloged in the Infinity Art collection.

NFT collectibles. They are collections of unique works made in digital environments with different versions in limited editions.

What does NFT mean?

NFTs, unknown until recently, grant authenticity and traceability to a virtual object through a secure network of computer systems that records transactions in a «digital ledger», known as a blockchain, used in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, and that allows any digital work, be it an image, an animation, a video or a musical work, to be associated with an encrypted certificate of authenticity, making it a unique piece. Although digital art is not new, the advent of NFT gives collectors security because the certification of ownership and authenticity of the work is unfalsifiable.

The NFTs emerged years ago on Ethereum, a digital platform based on blockchain technology, and their first collectibles were the CryptoPunks created in 2017. Currently this type of digital creations [tokens] are already being considered authentic works of art that are sold in houses of auctions. There are four types of tokens: common, rare, legendary and exclusive

Non-fungible tokens are indestructible and unforgeable as they are stored with the blockchain. With this type of technology, each transaction that is carried out is registered in different databases, because it is decentralized.

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