A new way to collect art at the Casino


CEO Infinity Art Ximo Tebar with Painters Rebeca Plana and Luis Alberto Romero

The art group Infinity Art has presented its proposal for interactive modular collecting at the Casino de Soria, inaugurating the exhibition that will be open until Sunday 21st in the Gerardo Diego room.

Photos: Nacho Morata

Despite the current limitations that the Covid-19 forces, a considerable number of expectant public gathered yesterday to learn about the project and also the artists who have made works for the Infinity Art collection.

The Valencian painter Rebeca Plana and the painter Luis Alberto Romero from Soria participated in the opening ceremony, and the event was enlivened by the jazz pianist Will Mart.

The exhibition has more than fifty modular works of outstanding artists among which are Soria artists such as Isa Tovar, Chus Izquierdo and Luis Alberto Romero.

According to the promoter of the project, InfinityArt offers a new proposal for the creation of modular works of art, original, unique, signed, and certified, that facilitates art and collecting with comfortable formats of compatible and nestable works. From one or different artists.

And it allows to create personalized combinations, without limits of size and infinitely ”, and adds that“ to make the modular game more practicable, it has also designed an innovative magnetic fixing system that allows very easily to move the pieces to decide the exhibition design of works, modify or expand it at any time ”.

Rebeca Plana

In her speech, the Valencian painter Rebeca Plana, has synthesized the history, evolution, and current situation of the collecting of art connecting reflection with the conceptual and differentiating philosophy offered by InfinityArt, based on the synergy of collectors with the artists’ works, since it allows interaction with them, both in the composition as in size, and even modify the original shape or acquire fragments of a work to merge them with other works by different artists, thus creating personal and infinite ad hoc modular compositions ”.

For his part, the painter from Soria Luis Alberto Romero, apart from presenting the works that Soria artists have made in exclusive For this exhibition, he has also explained, from the artist’s point of view, his participatory experience in the Infinity Art project, stating that “it is creative challenge and inspiring that offers a new vision when it comes to proposing an artistic discourse as they are modular works made in combinable fragments between different artists ”.

Luis Alberto Romero

Ximo Tébar added that “the works generated by the artists allow the collector who acquires unique pieces to connect and develop their own creative universe in a two-way artistic path, a new way of living art, a kaleidoscope with a thousand inspiring infinities ”, and concluded by thanking all the artists and collaborators who have made the project possible, and inviting those attending to visit the project website http://www.infinityart.es to discover the entire collection and its infinite possibilities.

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