Philosophy Infinity Art Collector

Infinity Art offers a new collection proposal based on the creation of modular, original, unique Artworks signed with a certificate of authenticity. It facilitates collecting art with comfortable formats of compatible and nestable works from one or different artists and it allows you to create infinite personalized combinations, without size limits.

Examples artwork shapes, exhibition. Infinite compositions, polyptychs, cabinets, combinations …

The conceptual and differentiating philosophy offered by Infinity Art is based on the synergy of collectors with the artists’ works, since it allows interaction with them, both in composition and size, and even modify the original shape or acquire fragments of a work to merge them with other works by different artists, thus creating personal and infinite ad hoc modular compositions.

Infinity Art artworks catalogue consists of pieces and artist’s proofs, made by a selection of prominent artists, all of them are established and highly recognized artists, which endows the project not only with a component of exclusivity and originality, but also with a high level of rigor and quality.

The Artwork generated by the artists allow the collector, who acquires unique pieces, to connect and develop his own creative universe. A two-way artistic path, a new way of living art, a kaleidoscope with a thousand inspiring infinities.

Únete al CLUB VIP INFINITY ART para obtener acceso anticipado a novedades y ventas flash antes de ser presentadas y promocionadas en redes, descuentos especiales, ofertas, regalos, promociones, preferencia y contenidos exclusivos, invitaciones VIP a eventos, ferias, etc. Subscribirse no conlleva el pago de cuotas, y puedes anular la suscripción en cualquier momento.


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Liveness Modular Art Magazine

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